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America's Waters

Ultimate Civics -  CSAW Joins Fight to End Corporate Personhood


I suspect many of you are aware of the recent, terrible U.S. Supreme Court decision (Citizen's United v. Federal Election Commission) allowing corporations to spend unlimited funds to support candidates for local, state and federal elections. Thanks to the Supreme Court, our democracy is truly for sale to the highest bidder. Efforts to protect water quality, reduce dependence on oil, create affordable health care... all must clear the same high hurdle -- corporate control of our government. And now the ability of mega-corporations to dictate major policies affecting our lives has been given another boost.

We believe this is the most serious internal challenge our country has faced since the Civil War. In anticipation of the Supreme Court decision, CSAW's Director teamed up with Alaska activist Riki Ott to create a new Earth Island project, Ultimate Civics (UC.) You can visit UC at www.ultimatecivics.com. It is UC's goal to amend the U.S. Constitution and ensure the Constitution and the Bill of Rights apply to natural persons -- not corporate persons -- as envisioned by the founders of our country. To make this happen, UC has helped create a national coalition called the Campaign to Legalize Democracy that is mobilizing Americans from coast to coast.

The coalition's first major effort has been to launch the www.movetoamend.org website to provide background information, breaking news, and an on-line petition calling for a Constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood that you can sign today. The site was launched the day after the Supreme Court decision in late January and we've had over a half million hits and nearly 70,000 Americans sign the petition in the first month.

Please use the links to Ultimate Civics and MovetoAmend to learn more about the issue and find out how you can help take our country back. We the People need to be governing America -- not It the Corporation.

Gershon Cohen
Project Director CSAW
Co-Director UC