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Western Fishboat Owners Association
Joins Dolphin Safe Program

(San Francisco) Earth Island Institute’s International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP) is pleased to announce that the 300-strong Western Fishboat Owners Association (WFOA) has joined Earth Island’s International Dolphin Safe Tuna Monitoring Program.

WFOA provides an average catch of 15,000 tons of albacore tuna during the July to October fishing season off the coast of California,Oregon, and Washington. Using trolling gear or pole and line fishing, WFOA provides albacore for canners, sashimi, and frozen steaks. With more than 300 vessels, WFOA is one of the largest fishermen’s associations in the US.

“WFOA has signed a Dolphin Safe agreement with Earth Island to ensure dolphins and other marine life are protected during fishing operations,” explained David Phillips, Director of Earth Island Institute’s IMMP. “Their gear does not harm any dolphins, unlike some tuna fisheries that chase and net dolphins. Earth Island monitors have access to their fishing records, boats, and tuna storage facilities, to ensure consumers that the quality albacore catch is guaranteed Dolphin Safe.”                           

More than 350 tuna companies worldwide are part of Earth Island’s Dolphin Safe tuna program, started in 1990 to ensure the protection of dolphins, marine life and their ocean habitat.

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