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ASISERVY Restored to Dolphin Safe Company List

From: David Phillips, Director

RE: ASISERVY restored to Earth Island's Dolphin Safe-Approved Lists of Tuna Companies

The tuna company Asiservy of Ecuador has rejoined Earth Island's International Dolphin Safe Tuna Monitoring Program and has been restored to Earth Island's online lists of approved Dolphin Safe canners.

Asiservy requested reinstatement as a Dolphin Safe company and has complied with Earth Island requests for additional records and information.

Earth Island's Director of Latin America Monitoring, Angel Herrera, has reviewed the Asiservy documents and conducted a Dolphin Safe inspection on site. He will continue to monitor tuna bought and canned by Asiservy on a regular basis, along with other companies in Ecuador that are fishing in a manner that protects dolphins and other marine life in accordance with Earth Island's strong Dolphin Safe standards.

Thank you for your support for our efforts to protect dolphins and other marine life while providing consumers with confidence that their tuna is not caught by harming dolphins and other marine life.

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