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Kroger is Selling Dolphin Deadly Tuna

Consumers have brought to our attention that Kroger Stores is selling Dolores brand tuna.

The majority of Dolores tuna is caught through the practice of chasing and netting dolphins in order to catch the tuna beneath.  This method has killed more than 7 million dolphins since it was instituted in the late 1950’s.

By contrast, 90% of the world’s tuna industry, including the big three US companies (StarKist, Chicken of the Sea, and Bumble Bee), now fish only with Dolphin Safe methods, which means no dolphins were chased, harassed, injured or killed to catch the tuna. It is unfortunate that the government of Mexico and Dolores tuna have sought to fight the Dolphin Safe standards rather than converting to a Dolphin Safe method like the rest of the tuna industry has done over the past 24 years.

As Kroger is claiming to adhere to new standards for sustainable seafood products, we find the sale of Dolores tuna by Kroger to be very disturbing.

Dolores Tuna and the government of Mexico claim not to harm dolphins when their tuna boats chase and net the dolphins, but this is untrue.  US research by the National Marine Fisheries Service shows that even when no dolphins are observed to die in the nets, the baby dolphins are left behind during the chase phase, resulting in continued damage to the populations of dolphins in Mexican and international waters.  These dolphin populations are still considered seriously depleted by the US National Marine Fisheries Service and may be continuing to decline.

Earth Island Institute established the Dolphin Safe tuna criteria in 1990, and we have continued to monitor canned tuna around the world to ensure the tuna meets the Dolphin Safe criteria of no chasing or netting of dolphins, thus avoiding any harm to dolphins.  There are additional provisions in our Dolphin Safe standards to safeguard other bycatch species, such as sea turtles and sharks.

You can learn more about Dolphin Safe tuna by going to our website which includes copies of our standards, our annual reports, and a listing of tuna companies worldwide that have pledged to fish in a Dolphin Safe manner.

What You Can Do

Please send a polite letter to Mr. David Dillon, CEO or Kroger Stores Inc., and ask him to stop selling dolphin-deadly tuna in Kroger stores.  There are dozens of canned tuna that do not require chasing and netting of dolphins.

Mr. David B. Dillon, CEO
Kroger Stores, Inc.
1014 Vine St.
Cincinnati, OH  45202

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Thank you for your support for protecting dolphins from tuna vessels!

label of can for dolores tuna
"Dolores" tuna comes in a white label (in water) or a red/gold label (in oil).

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