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PACIFICAL is Not a Part of Earth Island Dolphin Safe Program

This is a reminder to tuna companies that PACIFICAL CV is not part of Earth Island’s Dolphin Safe program, and cooperating tuna companies should not consider products from Pacifical or its affiliates as Dolphin Safe.

PACIFICAL CV is managed and part owned by the manager of Atuna BV and Brusfoods BV. These companies informed Earth Island Institute in 2010 that they were withdrawing from the International Dolphin Safe program. We were asked to remove these companies from our list of approved Dolphin Safe companies. A recent request to PACIFICAL to consider joining Earth Island’s Dolphin Safe program has been unanswered. Therefore, we cannot verify that these companies, including PACIFICAL, are providing Dolphin Safe tuna, and they do not have a current Dolphin Safe policy with our program.

Under terms of the Dolphin Safe Policy, companies should purchase tuna products only from companies that are approved and monitored Dolphin Safe companies on the list.

At this time, we cannot confirm that PACIFICAL, Atuna BV, or Brusfoods BV are purchasing, procuring, and selling tuna safely caught without chasing, netting or killing dolphins. We do know that some of these companies have brokered tuna from Seatech, a Colombian tuna company that regularly chases and nets dolphins. Seatech recently filed a frivolous lawsuit against Earth Island and our staff in Italy; the judge threw the case out and is requiring that Seatech pay court costs.

For further information on our Dolphin Safe program, please check our website or contact Mark Berman, Associate Director, Earth Island USA Headquarters office, at or (510) 859-9146.

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