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Italian tuna companies Mazzola and Grancelli off the Earth Island Institute Dolphin–Safe list because purchasing from non–Dolphin–Safe Approved Seatech Inepaca

The company Seatech/Inepaca is the only company with purse seine vessels in the official IATTC IUU vessels list. The IUU vessel is Marta Lucia R and 5 Seatech Inpeca vessels were in the IUU vessels list in the recent past.

Furthermore, a vessel owned by the company Inepaca – the El Dorado – has been caught in the past fishing in the Galapagos Islands by setting nets on dolphins and killing 50 dolphins.

Last but not least the company Seatech Inepaca is the last non–dolphin–safe company selling into Europe. The company has refused over the years to collaborate with the Earth Island Institute Dolphin–Safe project and thus the way the tuna is caught, mixed and processed is not controlled by an independent NGO.

Because of repeatedly purchasing from Seatech, some Italian companies have been delisted from the Dolphin–Safe list: Mazzola, Grancelli and ICAT Food, sourced by Accetta the Italian broker importing from Seatech. The EII is investigating on other companies which might have purchased from this dolphin–unsafe company.

In line with the spirit of the recent IUU EU regulation, the EII has informed the Italian and other National Customs to check for IUU tuna entering Europe via Seatech, Inepaca and Accetta.

All companies and retail chains in Europe and elsewhere participating to the Dolphin–Safe project, must adhere to the dolphin safe policy signed with Earth Island Institute and view the updated lists at for dolphin safe tuna sources.

For more information on the program and a list of companies that have signed Dolphin Safe agreements with Earth Island, go to:

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