Our IMMP archives include articles from our member publications, including the quarterly Earth Island Journal, the biannual Ocean Alert, the annual ECO published during the International Whaling Commission meeting, as well as fact sheets, alerts, and press releases.  Reposting and reprinting of these documents is permissable, as long as the author and Earth Island Institute are credited.

Seal project home
  Pacific Harbor Seals and California Sea Lions Scapegoated, Targeted
Dolphin project home
  Victory for Amazon River Dolphins
  Mexico Reneges on International Dolphin Agreement
  Dolphin Compromise a Partial Victory
  IMMP Launches Honest Label Campaign
  Dolphin Safe Policy
  False Claims About H.R.2823
  ETP Bycatch Issue Misused By Opponents of Dolphin-Safe Fishing
Whale project home
  Belugas, Narwhals, and Arctic People Victims of Pollution
  Commercial Whaling Under Guise of Subsistence Hunt
  Mitsubishi Salt Plant Threatens Whales
  Sonic War on Hawaiian Humpbacks
  Burger to Go; Hold the Whale
  Iceland to Rejoin?
  Irish Proposal Sputters
  Makah Whaling
  ECO masthead
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  Keiko Goes Home

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