Victory for Amazon River Dolphins

by Mark Berman

September 26 was a day of victory for endangered Amazon river dolphins, as EII's leadership in an international campaign succeeded in halting the capture and import of four Amazon river dolphins from Venezuala for display at the Dallas World Aquarium (DWA). Under intense public pressure, the Aquarium withdrew its application for a federal import permit. Amazon river dolphins(inia geoffrenses) are one of a few freshwater species of dolphins. The small, pink cetaceans live in river systems in the northern regions of South America and are listed by CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) in Appendix One, meaning they are considered endangered." Out of more than 100 Amazon dolphins captured in the past 35 years, only three are alive today. Their average life span in the wild is 40 years, but only 30 months in captivity. "Thankfully, this irresponsible DWA project is now DOA," stated EII's Mark Berman. "This is a victory for dolphins and the Marine Mammal Protection Act over big money interests and dolphin exploiters."

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