Iceland to Rejoin?

Earlier this month, two Icelandic MP's revealed plans under which Iceland would authorize the resumption of whaling. Various sources indicated that Iceland would rejoin the IWC, and announce authorization for the killing of 100 minke whales under "scientific permit".

On April 24th, however, Icelandic Prime Minister David Oddsson announced that no minke whaling would be allowed this year. Whether Iceland will rejoin the IWC is not clear.

Should Iceland decide to rejoin the IWC, it cannot resume commercial whaling as long as the general moratorium is in force, since it did not file an objection to the 1982 IWC moratorium decision and the Whaling Convention does not allow for the filing of an objection retroactively. Further, should Iceland kill minke whales under scientific permit, no export of the whale meat would be allowed, under IWC resolutions. This would deal a crippling blow to any plans for an economically viable whale kill. Internal markets for the sale of whale meat in Iceland are extremely limited.

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