The following links will take you to the Web Sites of other organizations who work regularly with Earth Island Institute to protect marine mammals and the marine environment. Just click on the name to visit their sites. Earth Island Institute is not responsible for the content of other Web Sites.

  Project Censored and Daily Censored text
  Alaska Marine Conservation Council

Working to protect the Steller sea lion and other Alaska marine mammals.

  Cetacean Society International

Non-profit conservation, education, and research organization specializing in cetacean issues.

Special Cetacean Society International Report: "Dolphinaria in Mexico - A Critical Report" reveals for the first time Mexico's inhumane exploitation of bottlenose dolphins for one of the world's fastest growing yet unregulated marine mammal captivity industries.

  Cape Fur Seals

Here are a couple of links on the South African Cape Fur Seal situation:

  Defenders of Wildlife

Leading wildlife organization working with Earth Island Institute to protect dolphins.

  Dolphin Project Ric O'Barry, the former trainer of Flipper in the original TV series works now to release captive marine mammals worldwide and prevent their capture. Ric has succeeded in halting captures of dolphins and has also released several dolphins to the wild after re-training them to survive on live fish.

Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund (formerly Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund)

Leading the legal fight to protect Steller sea lions and other species.


International nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and the natural environment.
  Greenpeace Foundation Greenpeace Foundation is a no-nonsense advocate for species conservation and biodiversity on a healthy planet. It is grounded both in science and in a reverence for life. It exists to help dedicated people make a difference in the world through smart, gutsy work; good science; and "bearing witness" to environmental problems to bring them into public scrutiny.
  Humane Society of the United States

Working with Earth Island Institute to protect dolphins, seals and sea lions, whales, and Keiko.

The Keiko Project -- a joint non-profit effort by the Free Willy Keiko Foundation and Earth Island Institute -- was established in 1994 to rescue, rehabilitate, and release to the wild Keiko, the most famous whale in the world.

  Keiko's Dream Tour
with Theresa Demarest & Good Company
The Keiko's Dream tour is a concert, arts, and marine mammal science program that utilizes the collaborative talents of musicians. composers, visual artists, and professional scientists to create an extraordinary educational, visually inspiring, toe-tapping, audience involving event.
  The Marine Connection

The Marine Connection is a London-based charity, for the protection of dolphins, whales and the marine environment.

  Ocean Mammal Institute Ocean Mammal Institute is a leader in research and advocacy efforts to protect whales and other marine life from the Navy's proposed LFA Sonar.
  Orcalab Orcalab works for the conservation and education  of orcas in the area of the Canadian British Columbia.  One objective is to work for the retirement and potential release of Corky from Sea World San Diego.
  The Oceania Project Caring for Whales, Dolphins & the Oceans
  PAWSweb Performing Animal Welfare Society in Galt, CA has a sanctuary for rescued elephants, tigers, lions, hoofed animals, primates, etc. which are former exotic pets, circus performers, zoo displays, etc. PAWS campaigns through legislation and education to end the use of animals in entertainment.
  Progressive Animal Welfare Society

Working to protect gray whales from new whaling proposals by the Makah tribe of Washington state, as well as protecting other marine mammals of the Pacific Northwest.

  Pro Esteros

Mexican and U.S. grassroots environmental organization prominent in protecting Baja's spectacular coastline, including the gray whale lagoons.

  Save the Dugong Campaign Center (SDCC) The SDCC was established in Tokyo on March 1st 2001 to promote the protection of the Dugong in Okinawa, Japan and to facilitate coalition-building among supporters.
  Seaflow Seaflow is working with Earth Island Institute to organize grassroots efforts to prevent the Navy's new LFA Sonar system from harming marine life.
  Zoocheck Zoocheck is a Canadian organization that investigates abuses of captive wildlife including land animals as well as marine mammals. Public education is a main component of Zoocheck work.

International Marine Mammal Project
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