Thank you for contacting Earth Island Institute's Orca Recovery Campaign. The southern resident orca whales of Washington and southwestern British Columbia, Canada are suffering and in danger of extinction.

These whales may not survive unless you take specific steps to help them and their environment.

Thanks to a donation of billboard space, we recently launched the "going....going...gone" outreach campaign on more than 200 billboards throughout the Seattle area. Keep an eye out for them!


  • Campaign to Free Lolita, the Last Southern Orca in Captivity
    Lolita is the last remaining member of the Southern resident orcas captured for sick amusement parks. Her freedom, and possible reintroduction to L-Pod (L25 subpod) is a campaign to suppoprt. Lolita's story is told in a new video you can order at

    This controversial documentary takes a disturbing look into the dark secrets of the multi-billion dollar aquarium industry and questions human ethics in relationship to animals in entertainment. It is the tragic and compelling life story of Lolita, a Killer Whale on display in Miami Florida, documenting her 37 year existence. Since her capture in 1970, waves of controversy have pounded both shores of the US as freedom fighters from across the globe battle for her liberation. It is a story of beauty, grace, passion, respect, exploitation, greed, prejudice, and domination. With disturbing footage of marine mammal captures and alarming interviews with former "Flipper" trainer Ric O'Barry, marine mammal specialist Ken Balcomb, sociologist and President of the Orca Network Howard Garrett, animal advocate and President of Ocean Drive Magazine Jerry Powers, and former whale hunter John Crowe.

    » To order, please visit the Lolita: Slave to Entertainment website.

  • Lawsuit Filed to Save Southern Resident Orcas
    On December 18, 2002, a coalition of environmental organizations including Earth Island Institute/Orca Recovery Campaign filed suit against the National Marine Fisheries Service's (NMFS) determination that the Southern Resident orcas are not significant, thereby denying the whales protection under the Endangered Species Act.

    The lawsuit was filed in response the NMFS July 1 decision to not list the whales, even though biologists at the agency determined that the Southern Residents are heading towards extinction. Leading the lawsuit are attorneys at the Center for Biological Diversity and the Earthjustice.

    NMFS is expected to choose the Marine Mammal Protection Act's provisions and declare the whales as "depleted." These lesser protections do not have the mandatory requirements and depth of commitment and funding needed to save the Southern Residents from extinction. The Orca Recovery Campaign will report any developments here.

  • In-Depth Environmental Background, "Our Troubled Sound."
    The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has produced the most comprehensive media investigation and summary about what is killing the Southern Resident orcas. Though primarily a five-part series on the health of the Puget Sound marine environment in Washington State, it is describing the poisoned, densely populated, overfished and noisy habitat that is pushing the Southern Resident orcas towards extinction. References are made to the Chesapeake and San Francisco Bay cleanup experiences. Reading this will deepen your understanding of environmental impacts that start with our consumer choices. Go to:

  • FINAL REPORT FROM THE ORCA RECOVERY CONFERENCE NOW AVAILABLE ON-LINE! - download the final report and a number of other conference related publications (in PDF format).

  • Orphan Orca Successfully Reintroduced to the Wild! Click Here for the latest news on the Orca A73, "Springer"!

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Why are Orcas Declining?
Orcas are suffering and in danger of extinction. It is believed that the combination of heavy toxic contamination, the lack of reliable and consistent food and the impacts of boat traffic are cumulatively responsible for the overall decline in southern resident numbers.