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Cold Creek, Santa Monica Mountains

Community Building and Partnerships: Resource Enhancement Program

Grantee: Mountains Restoration Trust
Award: $30000
Total Cost: $100000

Cold Creek, Santa Monica Mountains restoration project image

The Resource Enhancement Program (REP) in Cold Creek is a community outreach project designed to build partnerships with residents and stakeholders in a sub-watershed containing valuable natural resources. This enhanced habitat conditions by informing the public of local environmental issues and high-priority restoration opportunities. Cold Creek is a tributary of Malibu Creek in the Santa Monica Mountains. Its pristine habitat has been designated a Significant Ecological Area and Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area. Today, 40% of the land in the Cold Creek basin is preserved open space. The community-based REP will be implemented in the 5354-acre Cold Creek sub-watershed, which contains 1214 parcels controlled by more than 800 property owners, where over 500 homes have been built. Over a two-year period, MRT expanded the REP by making local environmental information available to the public through guided hikes, scientific lectures, children’s educational programs, public homeowner meetings, and a descriptive resource guide. MRT will work with equestrians whose horse stables drain into Cold Creek, and those residents with private septic systems, to establish best management practices to prevent nutrients and sediments from polluting the stream. Cold Creek residents will receive a recreation and resource informational guide, which will illustrate the cultural history, recreational opportunities, and biodiversity of the region. The guide also described: prevalent non-native invasive species, best management practices for responsible living and resource protection, and key issues of sustainable riparian ecosystems.

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