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Supporting community-based wetland restoration initiatives


Important Bird Area Enhancement

Coal Oil Point Reserve

Grantee: Santa Barbara Audubon Society
Award: $9500
Total Cost: $16700

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The Goleta Coast Important Bird Area encompasses the Devereax and Goleta Sloughs. This project will enhance sensitive shorebird and estuary bird habitat through restoration of the margin of Devereaux Slough near the mouth and neck of the slough. The restoration will be accomplished while educating restoration volunteers from the local community and UCSB students about ecological concepts and restoration techniques. All revegetation will utilize seeds and plant propagules to preserve the genetic integrity an adaptation to local conditions. The Project involves improving the nesting and roosting habitat for sensitive shorebirds and estuary birds through habitat restoration near the mouth of the Devereux Slough. Non-native shrubs and iceplant will be removed, and the areas will be subsequently restored with local seed and container plants.

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