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Restoration Initiatives

Supporting community-based wetland restoration initiatives


Las Positas Creek Restoration at Adams School


Grantee: City of Santa Barbara
Award: $20,000
Total Cost: $117,000

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The Adams School project combines the restoration of 800 linear feet of a highly degraded stream channel with over 300 elementary school students in collaborative, hands-on learning activities. Asphalt and non-native plants will be removed, the channel will be regarded, and native wetland/riparian plants and trees will be installed. Students will learn about wetland ecology and stewardship while restoring this stream on their campus. Project: Once Upon a Watershed Grantee: Ojai Valley Land Conservancy Award: $28,400 Total Estimated Cost: $66,400 Project Description: This project targets 4th, 5th and 6th graders for a watershed scale education and restoration program. Students will learn about restoration and stewardship of local wetland and riparian habitat then participate in a variety of on- the-ground (hands-on) restoration activities such as native planting, invasive plant removal and creek, estuary and beach cleanups within the Ventura River watershed.

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