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Lopez Canyon Stream

Stream restoration

Grantee: City of San Diego
Award: $15000
Total Cost:

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Prepareed plans and permits for Lopez Canyon Stream Restoration Project, completed environmental review, initiated volunteer program for project, and developed a public education program about the project. The project designed a series of hydrologic structures aimed at slowing water velocity to reduce scour and protecting alluvial terraces that contain the willowy monardella, a state- and federally- listed endangered plant. The education program included: installation of an interpretive kiosk, and preparation of a brochure. This project enhanced coastal salt marsh habitat in Los Peñasquitos Lagoon by reducing sediment flows into the lagoon. Under the current authorization, Environment Now will provide a small grant of $15,000 for planning phase activities. The City of San Diego also received a $183,000 grant to implement the project, following environmental review.

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City of San Diego
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