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Nicholas Canyon Creek

Stream restoration

Grantee: Ventura County CoastKeeper
Award: $30000
Total Cost: $155000

Nicholas Canyon Creek restoration project image

The Nicholas Canyon Creek Restoration project will restore a 200-yard section of Nicholas Canyon Creek in Malibu to a highly functional riparian ecosystem, while also reducing flood potential and enhancing the area’s scenic beauty. At its lowest point, the targeted section of Nicholas Canyon Creek includes a creek bank that is 40 ft. below grade level with a 60 degree slope. The year-round flow of the creek has been hindered by iceplant, Arundo, Myoporum and other exotic species, as well as by some sedimentation. The creek restoration is part of a multi-year project, co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Department of Beaches and Harbors, that will create a working Chumash Native American Cultural Village and educate the community about the historic importance of this riparian environment. This project was designed to be a demonstration project, highlighting the effectiveness of volunteer community restoration of streambeds. It also provided an opportunity to investigate and field test environmentally friendly geosynthetics and restoration techniques. This project removed invasive, non-native plants along the lower reach of Nicholas Canyon Creek and re-established native species. The California Conservation Corps helped with removal of invasive plants and local elementary school students assisted with the planting of native species. The restoration work was also incorporated into cultural presentations offered at the Native American Demonstration village planned for the site adjacent to the creek. Ventura County CoastKeeper provided approximately $52,000 in matching funds for this project.

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