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Supporting community-based wetland restoration initiatives


Orange County Wetlands

Map and outreach program

Grantee: Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks
Award: $7700
Total Cost: $13700

Orange County Wetlands restoration project image

The purpose of the Orange County Wetlands Map and Outreach Program is to promote wetlands recovery in Orange County by effective graphic depictions of existing watersheds, wetlands and needs for recovery. The Orange County GreenMap already produced by FHBP will be augmented with an overlay showing watersheds, desirable wetlands recovery projects and contacts. The GreenMap shows the 13 watersheds, ongoing projects, and desired projects as they are identified. Legislative districts will also be shown. Associated narratives describes benefits from wetlands recovery including water quality benefits. The map is used for programs and newsletters as well as networking among constituencies in Orange County.

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Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks
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