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Ormond Beach Wetlands

Wetland Restoration

Grantee: Ventura County CoastKeeper
Award: $10000
Total Cost:

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The project involved the initial phase of restoration of a portion of the California Coastal Conservancy’s newly acquired 265 acres of the Ormond Beach Wetlands and an adjacent section of wetlands jointly owned by the city of Oxnard and the Metropolitan Water District by removing old abandoned automobiles, a section of broken large diameter concrete pipe, debris sometimes used as a transient population encampment, and non-native vegetation. This project removed hazardous rusty metal and an illegally constructed paint ball battlefield, thus clearing the area of dangerous debris and enhancing the area’s scenic beauty. The Ventura Coast Keeper worked with Oxnard City Corps, a youth development program of the city of Oxnard that uses community service as a platform for work and service learning, and serves middle school through high school and college students interested in personal development, including a large number of at risk minority youth.

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Ventura County CoastKeeper
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