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Restoration Initiatives

Supporting community-based wetland restoration initiatives


Mission Valley Preserve: San Diego River Mouth Wetlands

Restoration, stewardship and education project

Grantee: Aquatic Adventures
Award: $17050
Total Cost: $50000

Mission Valley Preserve: San Diego River Mouth Wetlands restoration project image

The San Diego River Mouth Wetland Restoration and Education Project worked to restore the wetland at the mouth of the San Diego River and empower the community by providing education about this valuable resource along with the tools for immediate action. A task force will determine appropriate restoration measures. Aquatic Adventures (a non-profit organization promoting science and stewardship through marine science education) organized volunteer education/restoration events at the marsh which included removal of 33 truckloads of invasive plants and trash, restoration of unnecessary paths, and trail enhancement. The project included the installation of a series of interpretive signs, a planting effort of 2,500 native plants, and the establishment of a volunteer group to provide long term continued restoration. AWESOME WORK, Aquatic Adventures!!

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Aquatic Adventures
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