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Supporting community-based wetland restoration initiatives


Shipley Nature Center, Huntington Beach Central Park

Wetland Restoration

Grantee: Friends of Shipley Nature Center
Award: $15000
Total Cost: $39000

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The overall project replaced non-native vegetation with California native plants in the 18-acre Shipley Nature Center in Huntington Beach Central Park, and improved habitat for 23 Species of Special Concern, including four endangered species. The specific Small Grants Program sub-project restored a 2-acre site around Blackbird Pond, which is a remnant historic wetlands, by enhancing the existing riparian and oak woodlands, by planting coastal sage scrub to stop erosion into the pond, and by creating a meadow and vernal pool between the oak and riparian woodlands.

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Friends of Shipley Nature Center
(714) 842-4772