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Restoration Initiatives

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Stream Spirit Rising

Watershed education and celebration

Grantee: North East Trees
Award: $30000
Total Cost: $67890

Stream Spirit Rising restoration project image

Stream Spirit Rising seeks to create public support for the daylighting of the North Branch Creek through a watershed education and celebration effort. In the city and county of Los Angeles, there is a need to develop public support for restoring wetlands and streams. The current paradigm guiding the management of our waterways, although changing, is still dominated by fear: fear of floods, fear of groundwater contamination, fear of liability. In this climate, the public is isolated from the waterbodies in their midst. These waterbodies are fenced off, channelized, or even buried; their natural character and function is disguised, lost, forgotten. Increased awareness and stewardship of natural resources, including streams and wetlands, is necessary to abate the fears, to change the paradigm of our public agencies, to reconnect urban dwellers with natural systems, and to effect restoration and protection of these resources.

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