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Supporting community-based wetland restoration initiatives


Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge

Wetlands Avengers: restoration and education

Grantee: Aquatic Adventures
Award: $25000
Total Cost: $58000

Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge restoration project image

Wetland Avengers is a four-component restoration and education effort. The project began on September 13th 2003 with a large community event that mobilized 650 volunteers to restore a salt marsh and upland habitat in Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, follow with the planting of native species, expand its reach through a classroom environmental science program that will included a field trip to the refuge, and continue to protect and restore the area through a partnership with Paradise Creek Educational Park, Inc. Through this project 1400 youth participated and 1500 native plants were planted!

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Aquatic Adventures
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