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Circle Variations Series # 2

Mitchel Rubin

donated to the city of Berkeley by: Downtown Berkeley Association

The “Circle Variation” designs “Series # 1” and “Series # 2” are part of a series of paintings I have been creating for many years.

With these paintings I am giving recognition and tribute to the circle. It is a form that is ubiquitous in nature, the family of men and women and in the world of their creations.

Circles are found throughout our sustainable systems of structures and transportation . Trains, busses, trucks, cars, bicycles move us on the circular motion of gears, pulleys and wheels. The circular motion of our tools, saws , drills, nuts and bolts build our living and working structures and also our machines . Look around
and see how many circular shapes are a part of our lives.

The circle also symbolizes our spiritual connection, the creation of our universe, our solar system and the constant renewal and sustainability of our planet and the universe we live in. 

It’s a most perfect and beautiful shape to explore and to enjoy!

Mitchel Rubin

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