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Cup to Cup

Amelia McCrea, Jasmine Hain, Alaytra Johnson & Lilian Zakki Manahl of YMCA-PGE Teen Center Berkeley

donated to the city of Berkeley by: Peet's Coffee & Tea

  When first approaching the concept of sustainability, we wanted to move away from using the environment as a symbol, but rather focus on how interpersonal connections create a culture of sustainability. We were thinking about the many ways that we, as young people, connect with others beyond the computer screen. We noticed that we always get together over coffee or tea, whether it be in a public place or at a friends house, and that thousands of people in our local community come together to enjoy these tasty beverages daily.
  Throughout history, every country has developed their own ways of coming together over tea and coffee. Each unique to their places of origin. Countries sharing these unique aspects of their culture help to support the global trade. We explored the idea that drinking a cup of coffee or tea is like tasting a little bit of a different culture. Sharing these cultures with others intercontinentally helps us interact with one another in a time where it is increasingly easier to login, plug in, and avoid people. Sharing coffee and tea is one of the only ways that we connect to and share our cultures and origins with others in our modern world and promotes not only economic stability, but also the continuation of cultural traditions.
  In our design, we chose to represent some of the many cultures on different continents that use coffee in their cultural traditions. From Mate enjoyed in South America, to the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonies, rich and age-old tea traditions in Asia to the modern Coffee Shops, these tasty drinks are more than just a beverage, but are cultural expressions, human connections, and serve as a means of broadening our perspectives of the world.
  Our second box is a simple tea cup from four sides, filled to the top with tea. We chose this design in order to show how coffee and tea is universally recognized, and can be shared by anyone, with anyone, and is in no way exclusive. This box is meant to remind people that a sip of a good drink can create sustainability in our personal relationships, our international trade and connections as well as within ourselves.

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