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Drains to the Ocean

KIDS for the BAY

donated to the city of Berkeley by: The Open Circle Foundation

“Drains to the Ocean” was created by fifth grade students at John Muir Elementary in Berkeley. After learning about our local watershed through a program with KIDS for the BAY, students created this utility box image to remind people how we are inextricably connected to the ocean through these city storm drains we walk, bike, and drive by everyday. If you look carefully at the box, the four panels - neighborhood, creek, bay and ocean, you can find a six-pack ring as it makes it way to the ocean. We have the ability to negatively or positively impact life downstream from us through our daily actions. It is our responsibility to care for our watershed and all its inhabitants. Maintaining a clean and healthy watershed benefits not only us but everything on the way to the ocean.

Artists: Ariana Rodriguez, Berenabas Getahun, Jaleal Williams-Evans, Mayanah MaCullough, Nahdiri Polk, Odessa Newman & Zaikir Glasper

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