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Four Contemplations

Kate Harper

donated to the city of Berkeley by: Park Day School

If we could see the end result of every small action we take everyday, our entire world would change. This is because our behavior would change. This is why I like to use words in my art: so that we can reflect on our actions, even if it is just for one second.

I put four contemplations in four directions on my box, to greet four types of people at a busy intersection:

• “Be Mindful” is for the pedestrian approaching the intersection, to remind them that even simple tasks are best done with great attention.

• “Be Courageous” is for cyclists and drivers waiting at the stop signal, who might be distracted by challenges they are facing.

• “Be a Steward of the Earth” is for the lingerer who might stop to look at the art, and wants to think more carefully about their actions and why they matter.

• “You Can Make a Difference” is for the pedestrian who just finished crossing the street, who now can leap forward with confidence.

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