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We Want To Stay Here For A Long Time

Masako Miki

donated to the city of Berkeley by: Diane Baker

My design is about this vision of an ideal place.  I wanted to use animals as subject matter since I often use deer as a motif in my work.  Also my sponsor has a beautiful dog,Muffin, and she became a part of the image.  The image suggests that animals, nature and technology can coexist in a peaceful environment.  It took a long time for me to come up with the design because the theme “Sustainability” is such a complex topic.  It can be dealt with in different aspects: economy, environment, or society.  After contemplation, I decided to focus on the idea of place where there is a sense of equilibrium. 

I have been using bright colors in my work for a while.  I think that is my palette.  I seem to gravitate towards those bright, saturated colors.  In recent work, I’ve used those colors to contrast with the neutral colors of the deer motif to suggest spacial differences.  I want to create an image where illusion and flatness coexist.  I use gouache paint, acrylic paint and collage as my primary media.  Also, I use pen and ink, and experiment with other three-dimensional materials-most recently wool felt. 

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