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“Being associated with Earth Island has provided my project with increased exposure, administrative support, technical support, access to the Earth Island Journal and a great working environment/community!”
– Rick Lathrop, Global Service Corps

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The Secret Life of Mountain Lions

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A new 6-minute video produced by EII project Wildfutures takes you on a journey inside the intimate family life of mountain lions in the wild like you’ve never seen before.

With stunning footage from remote hidden cameras, the video gives people a close up view of mountain lions important family bonds, and how vital they are to their survival.

One of the persistent threats to mountain lions today are the myths, preconceived notions, and false claims about these animals that lead to unfounded fears and ill conceived management decisions that put their populations at risk.

“I produced this video to connect people to the real life of these animals and show how compassionate these large cats really are,” said Sharon Negri, Director and founder of WildFutures. “It is my hope that this video will put old stories to rest and change public perceptions about these large cats.”

Take action and watch the video here.

Over the last 28 years, WildFutures has worked on innovative strategies to improve the science, management, and protection of large carnivores through education, policy, and the media. Working closely with scientists, advocates, and agencies, Wildfutures has produced cougar management guidelines for federal and state wildlife management agencies, film and public service announcements for television, and direct on the ground work in communities on the ecology and behavior of bears, wolves, and mountain lions and how to safely co-exist with them.