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  • photo of people blocking a road, sign reading, closed to all huntersHounding the Hunters
    Animal rights activists are employing a new set of tactics to thwart hunters from taking down big game.
    By Beckie Elgin
  • photo of a factory at nightTeflon’s Toxic Legacy
    For more than half a century DuPont hid information that a chemical it was using to make Teflon might be killing people.
    By Sharon Kelly
  • photo of two women elders speaking into a microphoneMore Than Words
    The race to save a Native American dialect that’s down to a handful of speakers reveals we stand to lose when a language dies.
    By Jeremy Miller

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Aaron Mair
Sierra Club’s first African American president talks about making the US environmental movement more inclusive.
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Kate Weiner
The 2015 Brower Youth Award winner looks beyond mainstream perceptions of what makes an environmentalist.
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Esperanza Pallana
Oakland Food Policy Council director explores ways to move past the deeply-rooted biases in our current food system.
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Paris And After

Will Paris be a success or a failure? It will be both.
By Tom Athanasiou

Wild At Heart

Scientists and crop breeders are racing to identify the wild ancestors of domesticated plants.
By Bill Giebler

One Word: Agroecology

Journal columnist Anna Lappé explains why agroecology is the key to feeding the future.