• photo of a culverted creek running through a neighborhoodCasualties of War
    Is radioactive waste from the World War II era killing people in St. Louis?.
    By Lori Freshwater
  • photo of a worker in an anti-contamination suit looking out over an industrial site near the seaLiving in Limbo
    Five years after the Fukushima meltdown, Japan’s nuclear energy program is still being met with resistance.
    By Winifred Bird
  • photo of elk grazing in a wide grassland, tower of a wind turbine and tall mountains behind themRepurposing Rocky Flats
    The transformation of a heavily polluted nuclear site into a wilderness refuge raises questions about the implications of hiding our tainted environmental past.
    By Eric Freedman

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Rhea Suh
The president of Natural Resources Defence Council explains why it is dangerous to look at diversity in a vacuum.
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Susan Kamprath
Earth Island’s Director of Project Support talks about what has been taking her to Marin County every Saturday for more than 20 years.
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Gemma Bulos
Global Women’s Water Initiative executive director discusses the importance of engaging and training women as leaders in social enterprises.
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Killing to Conserve

Does it make sense to cull one protected species to help save another?
By Jim Yuskavitch

Sea Change

What the wasting disease afflicting sea stars tells us about our oceans.
By Eric Wagner

1000 Words: Linda Gass

An artist’s quest to understand the relationship between humans, water, and land that sustains us