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  • photo of people blocking a road, sign reading, closed to all huntersHounding the Hunters
    Animal rights activists are employing a new set of tactics to thwart hunters from taking down big game.
    By Beckie Elgin
  • photo of a factory at nightTeflon’s Toxic Legacy
    For more than half a century DuPont hid information that a chemical it was using to make Teflon might be killing people.
    By Sharon Kelly
  • photo of two women elders speaking into a microphoneMore Than Words
    The race to save a Native American dialect that’s down to a handful of speakers reveals we stand to lose when a language dies.
    By Jeremy Miller

Latest News

California Coastal Commission Fires Executive Director Charles Lester

Decision made despite huge public support for his work

On Wednesday, February 10, in Morro Bay, CA, seven members of the California Coastal Commission ignored a huge showing of public support for Executive Director Charles Lester, and voted in private to fire him. At no point was it ever clear what…
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GE Salmon Imports Blocked Until Labeling Requirements Are Established

FDA approved the genetically engineered fish for human consumption last year without mandatory labeling

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced earlier this month it would block all imports of AquaBounty’s recently approved genetically engineered (GE) salmon until the agency had determined how to label the novel product. The agency approved the salmon in October without any mandatory labeling indicating that…
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US Clean Power Plan Setback ‘Will Not Affect Paris Climate Change Deal’

Politicians, campaigners from other countries rally to support President Obama after Supreme Court puts landmark climate plan on hold

The US commitment to cutting carbon emissions under the landmark Paris agreement remains unaffected by the setback delivered to President Obama’s climate plans by the country’s supreme court, the White House has said. Photo by Robert S. Donovan The Supreme Court put a…
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Preserving the Night

Across the world, Dark Sky reserves help ensure a bright future for astronomical research

At night, the forest whispered its secrets. An elaborate outdoor holographic production billed as “Foresta Lumina” (lighted forest) brought dead trees back to life and played tricks on the humans passing by. In Quebec Province’s Eastern Townships, I hiked on the night-illuminated…
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Catch of the Week

Community-supported fisheries bring the benefits of community-supported agriculture to the seas

Mark Tognazzini has been fishing his whole life. On California’s Central Coast, fishing is a tradition. He got involved with Central Coast Catch, the first community-supported fishery (CSF) on the entire US West Coast, five years ago. It’s not making him any…
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The Risks of Digital Delusion

Despite the online world, civilization is still subject to physical laws

A friend of mine recently related an amusing story: he was walking down a city street one day when a young man accosted him, in obvious distress. The youth thrust forward his face, pried open his bloody mouth with his fingers and…
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Grain by Grain, Truck by Truck: How Myanmar Is Losing its Beaches

Booming construction fuels sand mining, threatens coastal environment and tourism

Around every corner waits a new truck. Workers dig their shovels into the powdery white sand of Myanmar’s Ngapali beach, the country’s top seaside destination, and lift it onto the truck beds. Vast craters dot the coastline. Many are bigger than the…
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Aaron Mair
Sierra Club’s first African American president talks about making the US environmental movement more inclusive.
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Kate Weiner
The 2015 Brower Youth Award winner looks beyond mainstream perceptions of what makes an environmentalist.
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Esperanza Pallana
Oakland Food Policy Council director explores ways to move past the deeply-rooted biases in our current food system.
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Current Issue

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Paris And After

Will Paris be a success or a failure? It will be both.
By Tom Athanasiou

Wild At Heart

Scientists and crop breeders are racing to identify the wild ancestors of domesticated plants.
By Bill Giebler

One Word: Agroecology

Journal columnist Anna Lappé explains why agroecology is the key to feeding the future.