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Norway Whaling Season Fizzles Out

Volume LXI · No. 4 · Madeira, Portugal · Thursday June 25, 2009
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Times are hard all over. Norway’s whaling industry just announced that the whaling season was a complete bust, and they are ending it now.

Norges Råfisklag, the fishermen’s sales association for whale meat, announced in Norwegian media that they were stopping this season yesterday – they have the possibility to start up again later if the poor market for whale meat changes.

According to Greenpeace, if they don’t decide to start the hunt again later this season, 2009 will be the “worst” year for whaling since Norway resumed commercial whaling.

Low demand for whale meat is cited as the reason.

Japan is being forced to freeze whale meat due to low demand, while Iceland and Norway are hopeful of exporting whale meat to Japan.

Only massive government subsidies prop up the failing whaling industries of Japan, Norway and Iceland.