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ECO is published by Earth Island Institute’s International Marine Mammal Project at the meeting of the International Whaling Commission on behalf of environmental and animal welfare organizations around the globe.

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Volume LXIV · Panama City, Panama · No. 4 · Thursday July 5, 2012
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23.7 Grams

The Iruka & Kujira (Dolphin & Whale) Action Network of Japan (IKAN) has announced that the average Japanese eats 23.7 grams—less than an ounce—of whale meat each year.

This is the equivalent of eating half a bar of chocolate or a slice of ham.

graphic showing a bisected whale, tiny human figure pointing to the front half
Scientific whaling research data: "The brain is in there."

The Japan Fisheries Agency has spent 18,321,589,000 yen ($229,496,224 US) on so-called “scientific” research whaling since its inception after commercial hunts ended. Japan has spent an additional 110,000,000,000 yen ($1,377,860,000 US) for fisheries aid to developing countries.

The IKAN report concludes: “What the Japanese government has been doing, and what it is trying to do in the future, is not acceptable for a mere twenty-four grams.”