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Volume LXIV · Panama City, Panama · No. 3 · Wednesday July 4, 2012
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Dolphin Hunts Continue in Peru

Blue Voice is reporting that dolphin hunts, although illegal under Peruvian law, are still occurring along the coast, with dolphin meat showing up on the menu of even some fine Peruvian restaurants.

In February 2005, local researchers found more than 50 spinal columns of dolphins and porpoises on the beach between Pimentel and San Jose in Lambayeque, along with fishing waste. Fifteen more dolphins were killed along the 100 kilometer beaches surrounding Lima city, also in 2005. Forty-five kilometers south of Lima, twelve bottlenose dolphins were killed in 2007 at Pulpos beach.

In 2010, another eight bottlenose dolphins and four porpoises were killed at Cerro Azul beach. The Cetacean Protection Law 26585 protects dolphins and porpoises in Peru. Clearly, the problem is a lack of enforcement of the protections for cetaceans as well as a lack of understanding of the importance of dolphins among local fishermen. A good educational effort in these areas would go a long way toward halting the killings.