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Maersk partners with Friend of the Sea & Earth Island’s Dolphin-Safe to promote sustainable fishing

Earth Island Institute’s Dolphin-Safe Program and Friend of the Sea announce a partnership with Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company, in providing a certification scheme that is in line with their sustainability policy and standards.

Maersk will discourage and refuse the handling and shipping of tuna from companies declared by the Earth Island Institute as non-Dolphin-Safe. It will also work to provide Friend of the Sea total transparency over the containers carrying sustainable seafood certified by the international scheme.

Both measures aim at promoting sustainable fishing and stimulating the market towards environmentally conscious trading of seafood. The Dolphin-safe Program has prevented the death of millions of dolphins by lowering dolphin-mortality in the tuna fishery targeting dolphins in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. The project also fights IUU vessels and the use of banned high seas driftnets.

The Friend of the Sea project is the leading international scheme for the certification of products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

“We want to provide all possible help and collaboration to such deserving projects as we are aware of our important role and responsibility in the international trade of seafood,” comments Mr David Pawlan – Head of Global Seafood at Maersk.

“We appreciate Maersk’s support and wish all other shipping and transport companies will show the same level of collaboration and environmental awareness,” comments David Philips, Executive Director of Earth Island Institute.

“Maersk collaboration, together with the recently deployed International Monitoring Program, provides a global real time and onsite Chain of Custody, making Friend of the Sea a credible and reliable eco-certification,” concludes Paolo Bray – director of Friend of the Sea.

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