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Memo from Earth Island to Dolphin Safe Tuna Companies re: Status of Pacifical and PNA Tuna

I wanted to bring you up to date on where we stand with Pacifical brand tuna, sourced by the PNA nations. We have looked into this matter very seriously and have met with the PNA nations and other parties involved in this tuna fishery. Our position is as follows:

  1. We would welcome Pacifical as a Dolphin Safe company at the point that the company executes a Dolphin Safe policy with Earth Island Institute on the same terms that all other Dolphin Safe companies must meet. To do otherwise would be unfair to the more than 400 companies around the world that fully comply with our program. Pacifical has not signed a Dolphin Safe policy with Earth Island Institute, although we continue to offer it a chance to do so. Without a signed policy, our monitors cannot verify the tuna as Dolphin Safe, and Pacifical cannot be put on the list of approved tuna supply sources.
  2. A majority of Pacifical is owned by an individual who has withdrawn and renounced the non-encirclement Dolphin-Safe program that is required under US labeling law and forms the basis of Earth Island’s policy. Instead, BrusFoods continues to source tuna from an admitted Dolphin Unsafe tuna company in Colombia. This company, Seatech, regularly catches tuna by the intentional chase and capture of dolphins in the ETP.If Pacifical is owned, operated, or a subsidiary of a company that is engaging in the use of Dolphin Unsafe fishing practices, it cannot be considered a Dolphin Safe company according to our policy provisions that have been in place since 1990.

For these reasons, which we have explained to PNA officials, Earth Island cannot at this time consider Pacifical as a Dolphin Safe tuna supply source.

We remain willing to work with Pacifical to resolve these issues in order to verify their tuna as Dolphin Safe. We have worked over the years with many companies to meet our mutual goals.

We appreciate our many long-term supporters of the Earth Island Dolphin Safe program, and we believe collectively we continue to be a strong force for both protecting dolphins and other marine life and building worldwide consumer confidence in Dolphin-Safe tuna.

Please be in touch with us with any concerns or questions you may have.

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