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The Cove Exposed

December 3, 2009

Dear Dolphin Savers,

thumbnail of the DVD cover for the movie 'the Cove', words: mankind is their biggest threat, and their only hopeAs the year draws to a close I want to thank you for helping us win dramatic victories in our battle for dolphins, and also let you know that we still need your help!

We have a real opening to end the dolphin bloodshed in Japan and need to grab this chance before it's gone.

By special arrangement, for a donation of $35 you’ll get a copy of the incredible documentary The Cove ($26.99 value); an advance copy of the Winter 2010 issue of the award-winning Earth Island Journal, featuring Ric O’Barry and the story behind The Cove ($5 value); a year’s subscription (4 issues) to Earth Island Journal ($25 value); and free shipping and handling.

For larger donations you can receive gift DVDs sent to friends and have a DVD autographed by Ric O’Barry.

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There is so much at stake.

In Taiji, Japan, your efforts have kept the dolphin killers largely in check. Fishermen have held off on the killing one of the four species they've usually hunted – bottlenose dolphins, at least for now.

In fact, our Save Japan Dolphins team filmed the release of about 70 bottlenose dolphins – an unprecedented action by Taiji’s fishermen – as media covered Ric O’Barry’s return to Taiji.

photo of a man standing in front of a dolphinarium tankBut even if bottlenose dolphins remain safe from butchering, pilot whales and other species are still being ruthlessly slaughtered. We will not let up until the butchering of all species of dolphins ends in Taiji and throughout Japan – for good.

You have also helped us overcome Japanese censorship and screen The Cove in Japan. We’ve broken Japan's media wall of silence. Newspapers in Japan are running stories about the dolphin slaughter.

We’re exposing the danger of mercury in dolphin meat and Japan's media has begun to report that people who eat dolphin meat get doses of mercury far higher than the safety levels set by Japanese health authorities. Japan's government can no longer hide the dolphin killing!

Now, you can help us take maximum advantage of this opportunity. We need to use The Cove to reach the only people who can stop the dolphin killing – the citizens of Japan.

Your contribution will help fund screenings of the Japanese-language version of The Cove. This film has garnered rave reviews worldwide. Audiences often give The Cove a standing ovation. With your support, we'll screen The Cove for Japanese audiences big and small.

You’ll also support Ric and our SJD team getting back to Japan to provide investigative reports on what’s happening, to press new governmental officials to stop the sale of mercury-laden dolphin meat, and keep up our campaign of pressure to get the media to expose the secret slaughter.

When more Japanese citizens see The Cove, we know they'll be outraged and will put an end to this atrocity.

Thank you so much for all your help, and please help us with as generous a tax-deductible contribution as you can make.


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David Phillips

P.S. Also check out Ric O’Barry and campaign activist Ben Stiller’s great appearance on Larry King Live!