Earth Island Institute

Building a Better World through Activist Projects, Legal Advocacy, and Youth Leadership

Earth Island Institute is a nonprofit environmental organization and fiscal sponsor to more than seventy-five projects working in the areas of conservation, energy and climate, women’s environmental leadership, international and indigenous communities, sustainability and community resilience, and more. The organization also includes a legal division, Earth Island Advocates, a youth leadership program, New Leaders Initiative, and an award-winning magazine, Earth Island Journal. Founded in 1982 by legendary environmentalist David Brower, Earth Island Institute is one of the leading environmental activist organizations in the United States.

Our Project Support Program

Supporting environmental projects across the United States and around the globe with financial management, administration, training, and peer learning.

Project Newsroom

More Than 200 Top U.S. Climate and Forest Scientists Urge Congress: Protect Forests to Mitigate Climate Crisis

Scientists are asking congressional leaders to avoid using the pandemic as a means for stripping away forest protections

Earth Island Institute Argues for Keeping Plastic Pollution Case in California State Court

Defendants attempt to move case to federal court, creating delays in reaching the merits of the case

Sierra Club, Women’s Earth Alliance Launch Second Annual Climate Accelerator Program

U.S. Accelerator Program Brings Together Women Leaders for Climate Action

In California, A Push Grows to Turn Dead Trees into Biomass Energy

Featuring Earth Island's John Muir Project
Yale Environment 360,

Hoovering the Ocean

Featuring Earth Island's Plastic Pollution Coalition
Washington Post,

Vice News Now “The Plastics Industry is Seizing Its Moment”

Featuring Earth Island's Plastic Pollution Coalition
Vice on TV (10:00),

New Leaders Initiative

Supporting a new generation of environmental leaders and presenting the premier youth environmental prize in North America, the Brower Youth Award.