Earth Island Advocates

Earth Island Advocates, our legal arm, is on a mission to protect irreplaceable resources, wild spaces, and wildlife that are critical to a healthy planet.

Earth Island has a long history of engaging in precedent-setting litigation that achieves tangible results for the environment and its inhabitants. Earth Island was a lead plaintiff in a series of landmark cases over two decades which effectively ended the practice of setting tuna nets on dolphins, and thus reduced dolphin deaths by the U.S. tuna industry from hundreds of thousands a year to virtually zero. In another case, we obtained extensive wetland restoration and a marine ecological center through a settlement with Southern California Edison over Clean Water Act violations at its San Onofre Nuclear Power Generating Station. Our more recent legal successes have addressed plastic pollution, destructive logging, renewable energy standards, wildlife killing contests, and much more.   

Our Advocates program further advances these efforts by combining the knowledge and expertise of our grassroots project network with the pro bono resources of law firms, legal clinics, and nonprofit organizations. This model creates a unique and highly-effective relationship between the lawyers who advocate in the courts, and the environmental activists who dedicate their efforts to a wide array of specific issues. You can learn more about our impactful use of the law by checking out our list of legal actions below.