US, Canada, and Norway Are “Pumping More Oil Than Ever”

Last year, the three countries positioned themselves as climate leaders.

Andy Rowell

Solving the Mystery of Washington’s Bigleaf Maple Die-Off

After years of investigations, a research team identifies heat and drought as the primary culprits behind a decade-long decline.

Ian Rose

Chemical Pollution has Passed Safe Limit for Humanity, Say Scientists

Study calls for cap on production and release as pollution threatens global ecosystems upon which life depends.

Damian Carrington The Guardian

Inspiring Awe for Rays in the Gulf of California

In Baja, a female-led research team is helping local fishers become mobula ray conservationists.

Keegan Sentner

Edward O. Wilson: A Personal Tribute

Out of his many accomplishments, the late ecologist’s conservation work will be his most lasting legacy.

Louise Fabiani

We Need a Twenty-first Century Reinvention of the Electric Grid

Tackling the climate crisis will require transitioning the grid to carbon-free wind and solar.

Charles F. Kutscher and Jeffrey Logan

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Winter 2022

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Unique Traits Shouldn’t be the Key Reason for Protecting a Species

Every animal has a role within its ecosystem, even if we have little knowledge of what that role is.

Merrill Sapp

Climate Change, Up Close and Personal

The anguish of living in a burn scar takes a toll.

Jane Braxton Little

Is Hunting Sandhill Cranes Truly Necessary?

Conservation efforts once saved the iconic bird from extinction. Now, Wisconsin lawmakers want to legalize hunting them again.

Augustus Dougherty

‘Don’t Look Up’ Illustrates 5 Myths That Fuel Rejection of Science

The most important difference between the film’s premise and humanity’s actual looming crisis is that we can act decisively to stop fueling climate change.

Gale Sinatra Barbara K. Hofer

Lovely in Solitude

In Pakistan, a snow leopard in captivity highlights the plight of her species.

Haniya Javed

California’s Water Systems are Failing Communities

The current drought is putting a strain on aging water infrastructure across the state, including in the Silicon Valley.

Callie Rhoades

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