Sailing the Seas on Reused Plastic

A traditional Swahili dhow known as the FlipFlopi shows that environmental innovation can persist in tradition.

Tasha Goldberg

A Plea to Recognize the Legal Rights of the Maas River

I am advocating for a new legal status for the Maas in the hope that it becomes the first river in Europe with rights.

Jessica den Outer

Nearly 60 Million Americans Don’t Drink Their Tap Water, Research Suggests

Distrust and disuse of tap water is a public health problem.

Asher Rosinger

Uruguay’s Remarkable Shift to Renewables Offers a Blueprint for Energy Progress

However, the country’s ground-breaking energy initiatives now face a new challenge — a new governing party with more conservative views.

Andy McDonough

Biden in Risky Talks to Pay Brazil to Save Amazon

Activists fear billion-dollar climate deal will bolster Bolsonaro and reward illegal forest clearance, but US says action can’t wait.

Jonathan Watts The Guardian

Illinois Wind Farm Project Threatens Rare Frog Species

Researchers say that the 30,000-acre Glacier Sands Wind Project could jeopardize Illinois chorus frogs, which burrow and feed underground.

Niko McCarty

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Spring 2021

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Chemical Carnage

From Vietnam to Oregon, a united front of crusaders confronts the destructive legacy of Agent Orange.

Ed Rampell

Community is Power

In over 19 years of working in Altai, I’ve learned that communities are where advocacy begins.

Jennifer Castner

Florida Phosphate Mine Pond Leak: Pollution and Flood Threat Remains

Millions of gallons of toxic water have been pumped into ecologically sensitive Tampa Bay in an effort to avert a collapse.

Adam Gabbatt The Guardian

Effort to Save Eastern Hemlocks Might be Impacting Salamanders

A pesticide used to save hemlocks in Appalachia may have adverse effects on species that depend on the iconic conifer.

Patrick Shea

Protect the Wild Rockies

The Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act would go a long way towards preserving what is best about the region.

George Wuerthner

From Reviled to Adored

How one community — and one woman in particular— has found a way to protect the rarest stork in the world simply by learning to appreciate the species.

Emily Sohn

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