A Radical Reframing of the Climate Paradigm
In Review: The Citizen's Guide to Climate Success, by Mark Jaccard
Richard Pallardy
The Poetry of Seaweeds

Josie Iselin wants to show us that what’s happening in the ocean isn’t separate from our lives on land.

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Children Who Drink Water from Private Wells at Higher Risk of Lead Exposure

Research shows exposure is worse for poor and Black children due to historic discriminatory zoning policies.

Nina Lakhani The Guardian

Channeling Destruction

Ergodan’s plan to create a new waterway linking the Black and Marmara seas will disrupt the delicate ecological balance between them and put Turkey’s freshwater resources at risk.

Selin Ugurtas

Is Evolution the Solution to Pollution?

Don’t count on it, unless you're a small killifish with a large family of genetic cousins and a superstar ability to rapidly evolve.

Austin Price

The Big Picture

From the beautiful to the bizarre, this photographic showcase of life on Earth shines a light on some of our planet's most amazing species and places.

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Will the Dragon’s Blood Tree Soon Become the Stuff of Legends?

The iconic tree endemic to Yemen’s Socotra archipelago is increasingly threatened by development, climate change, and a protracted civil war.

Jason Ruffin

“I Want to Make Fisherfolks’ Lives Better”

Marine scientist S. Velvizhi overcame class and gender barriers to help coastal communities to build safer and sustainable fisheries in the Bay of Bengal.

Mahima Jain

Mobilizing Resources for Indigenous Communities

Seeding Sovereignty seeks to “de-expert” and diversify the environmental movement.

Fiona McLeod

Soaring Covid-19 Numbers at San Quentin Expose the Public Health Impact of Mass Incarceration

Prisons and jails across the country are failing to adequately protect prisoners and staff from the pandemic.

Angela Sevin

In the Teton Range, “You See a Lot of Charity but Very Little Justice”

In Review: Billionaire Wilderness, by Justin Farrell

Austin Price

Peas and Quiet: Urban Gardening in the Time of Covid-19

Across the US, gardeners are producing food, building community, and finding some calm during this time of uncertainty.

Jonathan Shipley

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